High-resolution quicktime movie available HERE {3.8MB]


PhotoStacker communicates with iTunes on several different levels. It initially gathers all your album art from iTunes and then displays it as tiled or scattered. Upon completion, PhotoStacker can then control iTunes allowing you to click and play albums or songs just like all those CDs were right in front of you.

This is just a random example of what is currently in the Krrrk Guys iTunes collection - tastes are pretty diverse but the ability to nearly touch the CD cases again is now a bit closer. We admit though that we're old (early 30's) so we remember the days when the car with the Alpine head unit was the trendsetter and CDs were actually purchased from a person behind a counter. We wanted those days back where you stare at your collection and choose something that compliments the mood perfectly...PhotoStacker helps to get you a bit closer anyway.