Nathan and Lee are not intellectual...or even gifted rattlesnake tamers - they are two regular guys in their early 30s that enjoy playing around on computers a bit more than is probably healthy. Each week they alternate hometown coffee shops and although they have been doing this for years, the baristas still peer at them questionably - two guys staring at one computer screen openly arguing while they grin and laugh....brainstorming and hacking ideas out.

Years ago, they were working at the same research laboratory when they were placed in a far-off building away from their colleagues - six months later they were viewed by many as complimentarily inseparable but even more importantly, they now viewed each other as great friends. They have since gone their separate ways professionally but the weekly 'coffee dates' continue with their wives continually hopeful that someday one of their ideas will at least pay for gas and coffee.....they keep declaring that they are "very close" but it also seems hard to truly describe how much fun went into the development of PhotoStacker..

PhotoStacker is their latest and definitely most refined idea so far. They are not backed by dot com venture capitalists....they didn't graduate from the 'right' universities to really be internet innovators...they don't even anticipate taking over the world with their software company. PhotoStacker is the pursuit of their dream to do something big...changing the way people interact with their digital photos, CD album art, and photos on Flickr - but overall just make working on the computer a bit more fun and interesting. Beyond the altruism though, a few extra dollars would provide the means for us to scale back on our day-jobs, maybe upgrade our laptops, and begin devoting more time to PhotoStacker enhancements and other crazy ideas they have been rolling around for years.

Where did they get the name "Krrrk" for their software company, anyway?